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The gym can be an intimidating space for a beginner. There is a plethora of complicated equipment tin nearly all modern gyms and it almost feels like a factory rather than a workout studio. But if you’re looking to do strength training, then the gym is a good place to spend your time in. Here are 5 things that you should know before starting to train in a gym:

1. You can ask for a free trial session

Most gyms and fitness centers are happy to provide a free trial session to prospective members. So don’t hesitate to enquire about the same when you go to a gym for the first time. It isn’t the best idea to pay up before you even try working out at the gym. If you feel confident about the place and the trainers, go ahead and sign up for a membership!

2. You need to warm up first

A ‘warm up’ is the most important thing to do before starting a workout. Once you’re at the gym, take at least 10 minutes to warm up your body by doing some stretches and on-the-spot jogging/skipping/jumping. You can also ask an instructor at the gym to help you warm up all body parts. If you have a personal trainer, then he/she will already have a complete workout plan (including warm up) ready for you. Avoiding warm up or doing an inadequate warm up can lead to serious injuries at the gym.

3. You need an extensive gym wardrobe

If you’re planning to be a regular figure at the gym, then stock your wardrobe with a decent number of t-shirts/tanks, track pants, tights and other workout gear necessary for exercising. After all, you don’t want to miss a workout session just because your gym t-shirt has gone into washing, right?

4. Hydrate yourself while exercising

Whether you’re doing cardio or strength training or a combination of workouts, it is critical to keep your body hydrated throughout the session. Take small sips of plain water or lemon water when taking a break between exercises.

5. Eat before you hit the gym

Don’t forget to eat a nutritious pre-workout snack if you want to sustain a good workout at the gym. A pre-workout snack should have some carbohydrates as they are the main source of energy for the body. Examples of pre-workout snacks include nuts, a whole-wheat toast, a banana or apple, a smoothie and oats granola bar.

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