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For most people, following a regular fitness regime is difficult even at home, when they have easy access to their exercise gear, workout clothes and close by gym or park. So it seems nearly impossible to incorporate any form of workout in a vacation. But if you’re firm about keeping up with your fitness goals, then you can definitely plan your holiday in a way that makes exercise an easily achievable task.

1. Make space for exercise in your travel itinerary

If you’re serious about exercising on a vacation, then you need to prioritize it while making the travel itinerary. Make time for exercising before you leave the hotel for your day activities and let your family or friends know about your workout schedule in advance.

2. Pack smart

There are a few important things that you would need to pack in order to exercise on the vacation. These include jogging/walking shoes, track pants, sweatshirt and a regular exercise t-shirt. Workout gear in your suitcase can be a huge motivator for maintaining an exercise regime on a vacation.

3. Identify fitness centers and gymnasiums close to your hotel

One of the advantages of visiting a new place is exploring different attractions. As a fitness freak, you might like to include fitness classes and gymnasiums in your list. Before you leave for the vacation, figure out which fitness centers or gymnasiums are in close proximity to your hotel. You could also check if your hotel has its own gymnasium for guests.

4. Consider exercising in your hotel suite

If you are hard pressed for time during the vacation, you can avoid leaving the room in order to hit the nearby gym. With a range of different fitness videos available on the internet, you could easily stream your preferred workout and perform it in the comfort of your hotel suite. Some of the workouts that you can easily perform in a room include yoga, aerobics, zumba, strength training and kickboxing.

5. Go for a hike or a walk

Hiking is an excellent cardio workout and ideal for a hill station vacation. Besides burning lots of calories, it also strengthens your muscles, especially the core. Plus, you’ll build up a good appetite once you return from your hiking adventure and can enjoy some delicious food absolutely guilt-free!

There are no excuses for staying fit and healthy. So whether you’re heading to a beach or an isolated camp area, you can easily find a way to engage in some form of exercise on your vacation.

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